DSR Episode #35: NDSC Convention Prep with Marilyn Tolbert

Dr. Tolbert, President of the NDSC Executive Council was kind enough to spend an hour with us discussing the upcoming convention in Orlando.  It was enough to get us all really excited!

First, some background on Marilyn.  She is one of those life-long special needs advocates that laid the groundwork for many of the benefits our children enjoy today.  She has a niece with DS and directs two schools on the campus of Texan Christian University – Starpoint School and KinderFrogs School.  All this in addition to her position at NDSC and her work for the upcoming convention…

Marilyn and her niece, Jenny

First we discussed the size and ‘feel’ of the convention.  It is like a ‘family reunion’ held once a year.  I have been there personally and it really did feel like that.  Then there is the size.  Holy Schnikies!  Dr. Tolbert said there will be over 4,000 attendees this year!

Then there is the content:

DSR is all about Dads raising children with DS and we can safely say that every one of us dads should attend this event at least once in their child’s younger years…

Jason (furthest away) pointed out that just about everything during the conference was recorded and could be watched remotely.

All the relevant info can be found at www.ndsccenter.org.

Well that is it.  Thanks again for spending an hour with us!


Download Down Syndrome Radio, Episode #35.

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