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October 17th Monday: We’ll hear from parents, discover available resources, find out why advocacy is so important and look at clinical trials underway right here in San Diego. Joined by San Diego parent Colette Cosky who learned her eight-month-old son Dexter had Downs Syndrome, right after his birth. Colette Cosky, San Diego mother of two, runs Downright Awesome blog.

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October 18th Growing Up With Down Syndrome – with Jackie Husson (President of the Down Association of San Diego) and Frank Husson (a grown son with Down Syndrome who lives independently):

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October 19th – Support and Resources – Joyce Clark (board member, Down Syndrome Association of San Diego) and Erin Grettenberger (Infant Development Specialist/Parent support trainer)

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October 20th – Treatments, Clinical Trials and Policy – Part 4 of 4 – Down Syndrome, with news of clinical trials getting underway in San Diego that could help lead to better cognitive function. There’s a link to Alzheimer’s disease. There’s a link to Alzheimer’s disease. Also, public policy and how one woman in Washington is helping researchers locally. For more information on participating in the local clinical trial call 858-657-8540.

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