Episode #13: Everybody Plays with Kelle Hampton and Colette Cosky

There is something special going on here in San Diego this week.  The seeds for true inclusion are being sown.  These kids may think they are just playing with some cool toys in a really nice house, but they will be the models for a nationwide advertising campaign that showcases children of all abilities playing together.

Images from day 1 of Everybody Plays.  Some images courtesy of Kelle Hampton.

Everybody Plays is the brainchild of Colette Cosky, Infantino marketing whiz, driving force behind Down Right Awesome, Dexter’s super mama and my amazing wife.  Through a little bit of magic, Colette recruited the amazing photographer, blogger and bestselling author, Kelle Hampton, to join the project and turn it into a reality.

As parents of children with special needs, we see our kids playing at the park or with their siblings on a daily basis.  We observe that all kids play together without any bias.  This campaign by Infantino and Step2 will bring this vision to the shelves and screens of the world to show them what we already know.  Everybody plays.

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