DSR Episode #28: Special Guest Sara Rosenfeld-Johnson!

This was a great episode.  We were very honored to have Sara join us on the program!

Sara told us how she got interested in speech therapy and her decades of experience.  We learned about how she discovered that traditional speech therapy had limited success and that many patients were limited by their oral motor skills.  She told us about the early days of oral motor therapy and the further development of oral placement therapy.

This may sound complicated but Sara explains it all.  Oral Motor Therapy is basically exercise for your mouth to improve speech.  Oral Placement Therapy works on people with lower sensitivity in the mouth to teach them how to form the words correctly.

Sara founded Talk Tools to provide continuing education for speech language pathologists and occupational therapists including licensure.  She also founded SRJ Therapies to provide ongoing therapies to individuals.

We then discussed the physical tools and techniques themselves such as proper feeding, bubble blowing, horns and chewing devices.  These simple tools are the ‘exercise equipment.’

Want to know more?  Its all at  www.talktools.com

It was a great episode and we all learned a lot!  Thanks Sara!

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  1. REGINA KARL says:

    How can I join your group so that I can receive notifications (via email?) to let me know when you have new audios available?

    Regina Karl
    Houston-area mother of 5, including 10yo w/ DS

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