DSR Episode #10: Apptastic!

Rick from Down Syndrome Daily joins us again to talk apps.  In typical dad fashion, we quickly take a turn for the worse and venture off topic.  After trading bodily fluid stories, we get back on track and discuss our favorite apps, Rick’s upcoming baby and Luke’s birthday!

Let’s skip the verbage and get straight to pictures of our ridiculously cute kids, along with links for our favorite apps.

Happy Birthday Super Luke!

Here are some very useful apps for our littlest ones just learning to point and use their fingers:

Kayla strutting into first grade.

Great and fun apps to help our preschoolers learn basic concepts:

Dexter and his huggable cuteness.

I am old school and definitely still prefer a real book.  However, even “book” apps like Dr. Seuss’ Book Collection provide interaction and are much more portable than lugging around a bunch of books.  

Our great story this week is actually a short little video that will make you smile.  Just check it out.

Finally, for the folks in Southern California, be sure to submit your pictures for Infantino and Step2′s Everybody Plays casting call!  This is an excellent chance to get your cutie in the spotlight and to meet the super awesome Kelle Hampton!

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