Introducing Down Syndrome Radio!

First, let me introduce myself.  I am Jason, father of the cute little guy floating over Times Square in the logo above.  Up until now this space was mostly filled with the wonderful musings of my lovely wife, Colette.  I am nowhere near as eloquent as she, but I have been trying to find a way to provide my voice to this space.

Dexter and I

When my friend, Mark – fellow Down Right Awesome dad and a podcast veteran – noted the lack of regular podcasts about DS and suggested that we just do our own, I jumped at the chance….well, I was a little hesitant at first, but with a bit of arm twisting, Down Syndrome Radio was born!

Luke and Mark

We are doing the DSR podcast to share our stories about parenting children with Down syndrome – from a dad’s perspective.  We are definitely not experts, but hope that we can help other parents going through similar experiences.

At this point, we have recorded three episodes and plan to continue to try to record about once per week, shooting for about an hour per episode.  We would love to incorporate guests as we progress and the topic allows (less work for us!).  We have a pretty good grasp of the format for the show, but we will continue to experiment as we go forward.  Please, feel free to leave comments or send us email – let us know what works or doesn’t, tell us your story, ask us questions….anything!  Enjoy!

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