DSR Episode #2: Telling Family and Friends / Common Medical Conditions

You may be thinking….two topics?!?!  Why not?  Yes, we attempt to tackle two topics in this episode.

Luke with Grandma and Grandpa Owens

The second half of this episode picks up where we left off in Episode #1.  After we received the news, how did we go about telling our friends and family?  In person?  Email?  Facebook?  While it is perfectly understandable to immediately call your closest family members and just blurt it out – I know that is what I did – we decide that, while a little impersonal, some sort of indirect method of informing people is probably the best.  This gives them some time to do some research and learn about DS before a more direct interaction.  Personally, I sent an email to my closest friends then, when I became more confident and comfortable with all of the information, posted on Facebook.  The outpouring of support was overwhelming.

Before we dig into the personal stuff though, we discuss the medical conditions for which people with Down syndrome are at a higher risk.  The NDSS has an excellent online guide describing many of these conditions.

In our discussion, I mention a study conducted of parents, siblings and people with Down syndrome.  Here are some of the results:

  • 99% of people with Down syndrome said they were happy with their lives
  • 97% of people with Down syndrome liked who they are
  • 99% of parents said they love their child with Down syndrome
  • 5% of parents felt embarrassed by their child
  • 97% of brothers/sisters, ages 9-11, said they love their sibling

Our great story of the week is the success of Kelle Hampton’s memoir Bloom.  Bloom reached #11 on the New York Times bestseller list and definitely crossed over to the mainstream audience.  Her blog and particularly the birth story of Nella are very popular in the DS community.

Download Down Syndrome Radio, Episode #2.

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